Orozco Library

By September 12, 2016news

Orozco library is a workspace that takes place during summer 2016 as the residence of research and consultation focused on art, theory, human sciences and literature.

During this work the 16 selected participants to develop their texts as a result of its own investigations in different areas of art criticism, fine arts, curating, writing, poetry, journalism, among others. The writings go through a period of review with the Terremoto Magazine team and will be published in a book published by the magazine and in this blog. The residence will be held from August 15 to October 2, 2016.

A draft Dorothee Dupuis for PAOS Residences: Workshop Museo José Clemente Orozco, in collaboration with Terremoto and support Alumnos 47, Fundación / Colección Jumex and Taller de ediciones económicas.

The Yair´s recommendation from the Orozco Library.

Love, Women and Death by Artur Schopenhauer.

“One day just before going to sleep I stay with a book in his hands, the author spoke of Schopenhauer, has been like a gift of fate, after having talked with him on one of my dreams, to meet the book.”



Cuentos cortos | sueños o pesadillas, auto análisis de una historia personal expandida por medio del uso de la tecnología y nuevos medios como ejercicio de improvisación y distorsión.

short stories | dreams or nightmares, self-analysis of a personal story expanded through the use of technology and new media as an exercise in improvisation and distortion. What influence does the consciousness in your dreams? A dream or nightmare can become as anecdotal film or even on occasion I raised a question before going to bed and my answer came in a dream. This project memory practice strict and induction that requires attention before and after going to bed. These exercises will be “processed or filtered” by technological elements, as an action of distortion.

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